Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Radio Silence

Everything is fine with the baby. And technically, I'm fine too. Blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, are all fine. But this has been a miserable pregnancy. My back is killing me. I have what is known in Denmark as bækkenløsning. I'm not even sure what it's called in the U.S. I did find an article on Babycenter about posterior pelvic pain, which sounds very much like what I'm experiencing. I'm currently on medical leave from work because of it.

The bottom line is that I feel bad every single day. It's the fatigue, headaches, back pain and sick stomach. I don't have morning sickness anymore, but my stomach hasn't been right since I had campylobacter for the entire month of August. Every visit to the doctor or the midwife has included a discussion on how I am 41...apparently I'm just old to be having a baby.

I have another scan today to check on the placenta. The 3D scan we had in August was amazing and we did see that it is a little girl.

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