Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sick and Tired (in the best way)

It's been quite awhile since my last blog, but I think I should be excused. You see, the one dose of hormones did the trick and I am just coming out of my first trimester! I'm expecting a little bundle of joy sometime around December 7th.

Everything looks good this time around. I've already had 4 scans, all of which were very positive news. The last one was to assess the risk of Down Syndrome. For my age (41) it's 1/50 -- scary. After the scan and bloodwork, it's been assessed at 1/1050. I'm so excited. Or I would be if I wasn't still extremely tired, still throwing up, feeling overworked at the job and at home. Emma is excited about becoming a big sister, but that doesn't mean she gives me a break. Lately I've been going to bed before she does.

The latest is an onset of allergies. The weather is absolutely beautiful here and I am a sneezing, watery eyed, nose blowing mess. I will be pleading with doctor on Tuesday to give me something so I can at least function. I'm a mess!