Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Very Merry Unbirthday

Today, we are celebrating Dina's "half birthday". No party, no friends, no balloons, just a favorite dinner, a cake and some little presents.

Why do this, you ask (just as my husband did)?

Emma has her birthday in May. A lone nice weather birthday in a house full of wintery birthdays (and don't get me started on the lonely Taurus in a house full of Sagatarians, although I can imagine an entire blog dedicated to it). So, if Dina gets a nice weather half birthday, then Emma will have a half birthday just before the family birthday/christmas craziness starts. And each of them gets something to look forward to when the other is the center of attention.

I did envision a little different evening. I didn't think my Viking husband would be feeling under the weather (he's never, ever, sick). I didn't anticipate that the chiropractor would leave me crying with pain (we'll see how this is tomorrow before I start freaking out). And I did think that if Dina chose her favorite dinner, she would eat it. Dinner was just as painful and full of cajoling, threatening and yelling as it every night. Perhaps even more so. Dina is, after all, still 4 1/2.

Emma's half birthday gifts to Dina were drawings. She made some featuring Winnie-the-Pooh, which is what I am reading to Dina at bedtime. It was quite sweet and thoughtful. Dina even accepted them graciously.

I had also gotten Dina a little wooden cake set which she loved and started playing with right away.

My friend Kristin brought Dina the cutest Hello Kitty shirt and a lovely summer dress. Lars brought her the plush unicorn she has been eyeing in the company store for weeks. She made out pretty well for just a "half" birthday. (Yikes, what will she expect in December?!)

After gifts, we had the cake. Thank you, Betty Crocker. The sad thing is, Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting can only be gotten either in German, by mail order or if some kind person smuggles some in their suitcase when they visit Denmark (hint, hint). So it really is a treat.

I had thought the evening was turning out to be a bit of a bust, but then Emma and Dina starting playing together with the new cake set. And Emma composed and performed a happy half birthday song. Ear splitting, perhaps. But sweet. Very sweet.

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