Monday, January 10, 2005

U.S. Trip

Lars and I took a two week vacation in October, visiting Michigan and New York. We wanted to do it before I got too pregnant, and we hadn't seen my friends or family since we got married. I'm just now getting around to putting what few pictures of the trip we have on the site. I was pretty slammed with morning sickness and jetlag, especially since I couldn't rely on my usual ambien/melatonin cocktail. (Ambien for the plane there and back, melatonin every night when you arrive... that and a serious moisturizer used repeatedly in flight with lots of water will definitely help the lag).

In Detroit we stayed with my friend from highschool Mary Beth, saw my friend Cindy and had dinner at Karen's with Blake, Becky and Constance. In New York, we had a small gathering which Nic kindly offered to host. It was so great to see everyone there! We stayed with Tina in her fabulous new apartment (unfortunately no pictures) and did a couple of touristy things like the Circle Line. Before I left, I thought a vacation in the states would give me my U.S. fix (especially with the election), but I have to say that it made me even more homesick.