Saturday, February 03, 2007

Solitaire Isn't Bad

This is an interesting tidbit from Techdirt on how Companies Starting To Realize That Playing Solitaire Isn't Always Bad For Productivity.

I am definitely starting to believe that breaks through the day can be very helpful, especially after a pretty miserably stressful December followed by a three week illness in January. Was I more susceptible to bronchitis because of my heightened stress level and lack of breaks? It's a possibly.

After my three weeks of trips to the doctor, antibiotics and coughing up a lung, I've realized that I have to find a way to handle stress much better. And not just work stress, but the stress that's inherent in raising a child. How does one find that work/home balance without constantly feeling guilty?

It's funny. I finally feel like an adult. It only took overwhelming stress, guilt and 41 years to get here.

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savy said...

I've already sent a get well card from BS01, but it can never hurt to say it again :)

Good luck with feeling better. If it helps reduce stress to emphasis this -- Steve (the owner of BS01) is pulling some strings to fund the site himself. So at least that small pecentage is clear now :P