Monday, September 11, 2006

Parent's put their careers on hold

There's an interesting article in the Copenhagen Post about parents putting their careers on hold until their children are teenagers. I wonder if the U.S. is facing the same issues.

Lars and I are extremely lucky to work for a company that takes family so seriously. But it does make me nervous when we talk about the moving the U.S. I hear from friends and family about the lack of flexibility in the workplace and the hours a salaried employee is expected to work. I had no problems working 50-60 hours a week before Emma, but I just won't do it now. Spending time with my daughter is more important, no matter how ambitious I am.


expatstud said...

Girlfriend, you just must have your priorities in order before considering going back to the US. Careerwise it will be a positive, but from the family perspective it is a big--a ginormous--negative. What are you willing to sacrifice?

Anonymous said...

Every now and then, I get an itch to find a job. I look through the classifieds, search on-line, think about daycare options and talk about applying. And then I don't. Staying at home vs. working -- you're giving up something either way. Definitely American parents face the same issues. There are family-friendly companies here; you just have to find them.

Anonymous said...

I am in Norway and it is definitely family-oriented here. I expect the stereotypical absent-dad, home do-it-all mother are only found in the American companies here. The whole rage of home-schooling is about as strange as hajibs on skiis to the Norwegians.