Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Svendborg Nazis

I can't find any English news about the Neo-Nazi demonstration in Svendborg that we encountered on Saturday evening. We were on our way to the movies, and the demonstration was starting right next to the theater as we arrived.

Between the gorgeous weather and the Nazis, we had the entire theater to ourselves to watch The DaVinci Code. Or was it because it was a thoroughly mediocre movie? The only good thing about it was Paul Bettany's performance. I'd like to see the movie he thought he was in...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leah. This is Utopia from Bionicle Sector 01, and I'm also the person who Greg asked you about for the interview some days ago. I tried to email you at info@chezleah.com, so I'm wondering if you do not check it as often, or simply did not get it. Please comment back at utopia@biosector01.com