Monday, May 31, 2004

Whitsun Week-end

The past few weeks have been cold, rainy, difficult and emotional. Work has been... more frustrating than usual (as per my previous post). But today is a bank holiday in Denmark, which makes for a much needed long week-end. The holiday is Whitsun, which is another name for Pentecost, and is held on the seventh Sunday after Easter. It's a holiday in a number of European countries. And the weather has been glorious!

Last Sunday I ran a 5K race (Lars ran the 10K version of the same race), which has gotten me inspired really start running again. I have a 5K route through the forest near our house and with this wonderful weather it's been a great revitilizing experience. I walked the route yesterday and took some pictures.

It's good to remember there's more to life than LEGO...

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Anonymous said...

there is DEFINITELY more to life than lego.