Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The end of an era...

Lars and I hosted a party for the BIONICLE team in April. It was while shooting the extra footage for the DVD, so everyone was around. This was just before everything started going to hell, but just after I found out that it would. The changes that have been made on the team were the worst possible changes... definitely for me personally, but I also think for BIONICLE in general.

Well, it was an amazing thing to be a part of for the past four years. I believe that time has come to run, not walk, to my next adventure. Very sad.

The producer of the extra DVD content, Pam, has a very cool blog herself


Anonymous said...

what changes to the team??!!!


Anonymous said...

That link to Pam's blog brings up only a blank page :(

And yeah, what changes??


Leah Weston Kaae said...

On Pam's blog, you have to click the black dot to get it started. It's a quite nice flash interface.