Friday, May 16, 2008


I took the girls to the doctor yesterday. Dina had her 5 month shot and Emma had her 3 year check-up. They are both thriving, Dina maybe a little more so! She is holding steady at 11 kilo but she's gotten quite long--74 centimeters.

Emma is an above average 101 centimeters and a slim 15.7 kilos. The doctor complimented her on her language skills. She was very impressed by how she could switch between English and Danish.

Emma was so sweet to Dina when she got the shot. She stood by, very curious about the whole procedure and then hugged and kissed Dina when she cried. Of course this morning we were back to, "you're my mommy, not hers!".

Dina had a tough night. She was pretty feverish and uncomfortable. None of us got much sleep. She's sleeping now and I'm going to try to do the same.

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N said...

It's nice that your children are bilingual. I'm gonna try in the future to teach my kids French and Mandarin on top of English and Danish. It'll be quite a task.