Sunday, March 13, 2005

Baby Shower

An update to the site in record time! Yesterday I was given an American style baby shower by my friend Sanne. My sister Karen had sent a bunch of decorations from the U.S., which really added to the experience, but of course made me miss my sisters even more.

My friend Camilla put together a "spec" document (web producers to the end) for the project of Emma's life. It's a scrapbook with major firsts (first birthday, first day of school, etc) and guests picked an event and created a collage. There are pages in the book for actual pictures... it was a really fun activity for a baby shower.

I have a few pictures. I had also bought a disposable camera, but we didn't finish the pictures on it, I'll finish it during our annual Easter lunch which is coming up in just under two weeks.

I just keep getting bigger and bigger...

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