Monday, March 18, 2002

I was going over the Brooklyn Bridge tonight, and looked back to see the "tribute of lights". Rationally, I understand it. But the glow at "ground zero" only makes me think of the days and weeks after the attack. It makes me remember, so intensely, the shock, fear and sadness I felt when it happened. I know there are many people who have been much more effected by this than I have, and have lost people they knew and loved. I can't imagine. Even without any personal loss, I can't seem to get back to normal.

People seem to be amazed that I can leave New York for a place that’s...well... out of the way. I’m fine with moving to a place doesn’t have skyscrapers that people want to fly into. I’m fine with a place that’s a little less “exciting” than New York city.

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